Saturday, April 30, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Nasrin Sotoudeh Transferred to Methadone Ward at Evin Reserved for Criminals & Drug Addicts

Saturday April 30th, 2011 - Human rights activist and lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh has been transferred from ward 209 at Evin to the Methadone Quarantine Ward* reserved for addicts and dangerous criminals, where reportedly all female political prisoner are currently behind bars.
According to Daneshjoo News, this transfer took place at a time when Sotoudeh's husband had announced that she has lost considerable weight while in prison, her weight decreasing from 58 kilos (128 lbs) to 44 kilos (97 lbs). Reza Khandan also reported that despite his wife having vision problems, prison officials had refused to allow her to visit an eye doctor.

Nasrin Sotoudeh was arrested in September last year and sentenced to 11 years in prison and banned from practicing law for a period of 20 years. She is currently serving her prison sentence at Evin. During her incarceration Sotoudeh has been on a hunger strike several times protesting the prison conditions and the unacceptable behavior by prison officials.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Sotoudeh was a newspaper journalist reporting on human rights abuses, women's rights and children's rights. While practicing law, Sotoudeh's main focus was on defending women's rights and representing political prisoners and under aged youth who had committed murder and were on death row.

Recently the Revolutionary Court also charged Sotoudeh with a $50.- USD fine for "non adherence to Islamic dress code."

*Translator's Note: The female Methadone Quarantine Ward at Evin prison is normally reserved for dangerous criminals , including prisoners who are addicts and use Methadone as treatment of narcotic withdrawal and dependence. The ward is a closed hall no longer than 30 - 50 meters and prisoners are allowed to use fresh air less than one hour per day. According to reports by media outlets, all female political prisoners were transferred to this ward on Nov 8th, 2010 leading to much distress and worry by their families.

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International Campaign in support of Nasrin Sotoudeh:

انتقال نسرین ستوده به بند متادون زندان اوین

شنبه, ۱۰ ارديبهشت ۱۳۹۰ نسرین ستوده وکیل، فعال حقوق بشر و روزنامه نویس، از بند ۲۰۹ زندان اوین به بند متادون که محل نگهداری زندانیان سیاسی زن می باشد منتقل شده است. به گزارش دانشجو نیوز، انتقال نسرین ستوده در حالی انجام شده است که همسر وی چندی پیش در مصاحبه ای در باره آخرین وضعیت خانوم ستوده گفته بود که وی در داخل زندان وزن کم کرده است و از ۵۸ کیلو به ۴۴ کیلو رسیده است.

رضا خندان همچنین از مشکل بینایی همسرش و عدم اجازه مسولین زندان برای مراجعه به چشم پزشک خبر داده بود. خانم ستوده اواسط شهریور سال گذشته بازداشت و سپس به تحمل ۱۱ سال زندان و محرومیت از وکالت به مدت بیست سال محکوم شد و هم اکنون دوران محکومیت خود را می گذراند.
او در دوران زندان تا کنون چند بار در اعتراض به رفتار مسئولان و شرایط زندان دست به اعتصاب غذا زده است.

خانم ستوده پیش از اشتغال به کار وکالت به عنوان روزنامه نگار در مطبوعات ایران مطالبی در مورد حقوق بشر، به ویژه حقوق زنان و کودکان منتشر می کرد.

او در دوران وکالت هم عمدتا به دفاع از فعالان حقوق زنان، متهمان سیاسی و امنیتی و نوجوانانی می پرداخت که پیش از رسیدن به سن قانونی مرتکب قتل شده بودند، اما مجازات اعدام برای آنها در نظر گرفته شده بود.

اخیرا دادگاهی نسرین ستوده را به اتهام ت"ظاهر به بی حجابی" به پنجاه هزار تومان جریمه نقدی متهم کرده است

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