Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ardeshir Amir Arjomand, Mousavi's Advisor Speaks Out Against Human Rights Violations In Iran

In an interview with the Green television outlet RASA, Ardeshir Amir Arjomand, Mousavi's adviser (now in Paris) discusses the extensive human rights violations in Iran. Amir Arjomand points to the recent alarming news regarding the physical condition of political prisoners behind bars in Rajai Shahr prison and Evin's female ward (fema...le political prisoners are still being held in the Methadone ward) and the rise in the number of political prisoners deprived of their basic human rights.

Amir Arjomand also points to the recent alarming news regarding the deteriorating physical condition of Mostafa Tajzadeh an incarcerated senior member of the Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution Organization [reformist organization not to be confused with the MKO], explicitly holding Iran's Judiciary and all institutions and individuals associated with the judiciary directly responsible for the well being of all those behind bars.

Amir Arjomand reiterated the Green movement's support for the rights of every individual in Iran, regardless of their ethnic background, political affiliation, gender and ideology and said "Our support for human rights is based on human dignity and justice and we unequivocally denounce all human rights violations, particularly as it relates to political prisoners. We warn the country's officials and in particular those responsible for the Judiciary that based on the laws of our nation and the universal human rights guaranteed under the law, the main responsibility for the psychological and physical well being of those behind bars remains with them."

Amir Arjomand continued: "Those individuals who remain captive to the judiciary, the security forces and semi military forces and claim that the responsibility lies with the authorities within the judiciary and the security forces, rendering them powerless are by no means relieved of their responsibilities towards our nation. Their lack of action will leave a negative mark on their service to the nation and their judicial and political history, for not only will they be viewed as individuals incapable of handling their own responsibilities but also as projecting their negative motivations, thoughts and ideas on others. Someone must ask the important question of who is responsible here? If those in charge of the judiciary are not responsible then whom? In all countries where there is a rule of law, those responsible for the judiciary and security of the nation must work within the jurisdiction of the judicial and security related institutions. These same individuals now claim that they are not responsible and that it is others who must preserve our security and honor. Those who have washed their hands of all responsibility must know that each and every one of them will be held accountable and their names will be registered along side others known for violating human rights in Iran. The nation of Iran will never forget that you did not have the courage to accept responsibility. If you are afraid of taking responsibility, if you are incapable of accepting responsibility, at least have the courage to resign from your post. If you claim that you are being pressured and as a result you cannot perform your duties, then have the courage to resign, for remaining responsible and continuing these atrocities will only lead to your misery and demise."

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