Friday, March 11, 2011

Mehdi Karroubi's Family - "After 18 Nights, The Lights At the House Were Finally On, But No One Responded at the Door"

March 11th, 2011 - According to reports by Sahams News, last  night the lights in the parking, the entrance to the residence, one of the bedrooms and the living room in Mehdi Karroubi's residence were turned on after 18 days of darkness.

As has been customary in the past 18 days, Mehdi Karroubi's family once again visited their parents' residence last night and rang the door bell, but no one responded from within the house. Althrough there was no response at the door, for the first time, after 18 days of complete darkness, the lights in the parking, the entrance to the house, one of the bedrooms and the living room were on.

Karroubi's family member stated: "We still believe that our mother and father were arrested, abducted and taken to an undisclosed location.   Even if they would be returned to their residence as a result of the internal and external pressures [on the ruling government] and the heroic actions of our nation, we will not fall for this government's actions until we are provided with the opportunity to see them personally at their residence. It goes without saying that we do not consider a change in their location as an end to their detention."

It is worth mentioning that here has been no news what so ever in the past 19 days on Mehdi Karroubi and his wife Fatemeh Karroubi's well being and to date no information has also been provided on their whereabouts.

Source: Saham News:

خانواده كروبي: پس از 18شب؛ چراغ هاي منزل روشن شد
سحام نيوز: شب گذشته چراغ هاي پاركينگ و ورودي و يكي از اتاق هاي نشيمن منزل مهدي كروبي روشن گرديد. به گزارش سحام نيوز؛

خانواده مهدي كروبي شب گذشته مطابق هر روز مجددا به منزل والدينشان مراجعه نمودند و عليرغم زدن درب منزل و انتظار براي پاسخگويي؛ هيچ كسي اقدام به باز نمودن درب منزل و يا پاسخگويي نشد. تنها نكته قابل تامل، روشن بودن چراغ هاي پاركينگ و ورودي ساختمان و يكي از اتاق هاي خواب و اتاق نشيمن منزل بعد از 18شب خاموشي مطلق بود. اين عضو خانواده كروبي در ادامه گفت:هنوز هم معتقدیم که پدر و مادرمان در یک عملیات بازداشت – ربایش به محل نامعلومی منتقل شده اند و اگر هم بر اساس فشارهای فراوان داخلی و خارجی و اقدامات قهرمانانه ملت ، به خانه باز گردانده شوند تا آنها را در منزل نبینیم فریب اقدامات حکومت را نخواهیم خورد. ضمن آنکه این تغییر مکان را به معنای پایان بازداشت آآنها تلقی نخواهیم کرد.

لازم به توضيح است از نوزده روز قبل تاكنون خبري از مهدي كروبي و فاطمه كروبي نيست و هيچ اطلاعي از وضعيت ايشان و محل نگهداري آنان بدست نيامده است

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