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MUST READ : Majid Dori's Mother "Where Must We Go To Seek Refuge Against Such Cruelty?

Translator's Note: I decided to translate Kalame's latest interview with Majid Dori's mother, because it broke my heart to hear the heart breaking story of this family whose innocent loved one has been sent to exile to a remote prison 1000 kilometers away from them. I ask every freedom loving individual who believes in human rights, to be the voice of the voiceless and  help the families of the prisoners of conscience in Iran. For if we remain silent, we will have abandoned those who have given up so much so that some day you and I can live in a free and democratic Iran.

Wednesday November 10th, 2010 - In an interview with Kaleme, Majid Dori's mother talks about her son's condition since he was exiled to Behbahan prison to complete the remainder of his six year prison sentence stating: "The only thing my son demanded was his right to an education. They first denied him of his right to an education and later suspended and banned him from university. When he tried to inform people of his plight, they arrested him.  Now they claim that the Council to Defend the Right to Education, which he was a member of, was formed as a result of orders by the "Monafeghin"*; as though our children did not have enough intelligence to determine their own destiny."

A few weeks ago, Majid Dori was exiled to Behbahan prison, kilometers away from his family's residence, where he will be completing the remainder of his 6 year prison sentence.  Majid is currently amongst regular prisoners and enduring very difficult sanitary conditions.  Unfortunately this time around, not only is Majid being punished, but his mother and father are also having to travel long kilometers in order to spend but a few minutes with their son.  As a result of this long distance, Majid's family has had to think about the possibility of moving either to Behbahan or a city near by in order to be closer to their son.

The content of Kalame's interview with Majid Dori's mother is as follows:

Mrs. Dori what is the latest update on Majid?

As you know, after 16 months in Evin prison, Majid was transferred to Behbahan prison, this while he had not even be granted one day of temporary leave from prison. His condition is certainly not favorable.  He suffers from migraines and he is anemic. We also found out that he recently fractured his ribs in prison but didn't tell us because he didn't want us to worry. As if that weren't bad enough, they have now sent him to exile in a remote prison. Regardless of the unfortunate circumstances, Majid always tries to keep his spirits high and he never complains. Can you imagine however how bad the conditions must be if my son constantly repeats: "The conditions here are tragic!"

How has he endured Behbahan prison to date?

Telephone contact at Behbahan prison is limited and as a result we have not been able to properly find out about Majid's well being.  He seemed happy with the acceptable behavior by the prison officials.  At the time of his arrival, the water supply was cut off so my poor child who arrived in shackles and had traveled many kilometers from Tehran was unable to even wash his hands and face. Let us not forget that all detainees at Behbahan prison have been charged with crimes such as narcotics, murder, and illicit relationships. Because Majid is being held in a prison where prisoners are not segregated based on their crimes, we are of course very concerned for his well being. There is rampant drug use in this prison and we have no guarantees that our child won't be harmed. I sometimes think they sent Majid there on purpose in order to harm him and silence the voices of all those who seek freedom.

Did they [judiciary] inform you that they were planning to exile your son to Behbahan prison? Where you able to meet with him before his departure?

No. They never contacted us. They did not even allow Majid to contact us prior to his departure to Behbahan. He was kept in the prosecutor's office for 10 hours and sent directly to Behbahan.  It is when he arrived at Behbahan prison that he was allowed to make his first short phone call, informing us that he had been transferred.  It was one day before his visitation day at Evin prison. They even deprived me of the 15 minute visitation with my child from behind a glass window.  Is this their definition of justice? Is is fair for them to take our son without informing us, without allowing us to visit with him before his departure, to a place so far away that we are unable to see him?

What are the general and sanitary conditions at this prison?

The conditions are very difficult. Can you imagine the sanitary conditions at a location where water is cut off 7 to 8 hours a day?  They have no access to water and as such hygiene is non existent. My child is even deprived of a bed to sleep on.  There are two to three hundred inmates with access to one phone line.  They are given permission to use the phone every other day and only for two or three minutes at a time.  We are most concerned about the sanitary conditions and the fact that drugs are not only available but used freely.

What are the visitation rules at Behbahan prison? Given that you live so far away, how often do you intend to visit your son?

Visitations are on Wednesdays. When Majid was at Evin we used to dedicate an entire day to go see him.  Now that we are 1000 kilometers away, we will need at least three days every time we go to see him.  His father and I will go to see our child, our flesh and blood, even if he is on the other side of the world. But what about his brothers and sister? Don't they deserve to see their brother? These gentlemen have only made it more difficult for us to see our son. If my son has erred, even though there is no evidence of such error, why are they punishing and displacing us? Under the current circumstances it is impossible for us to go and visit him every week.  I must add that the people of Behbahan have been nothing but kind to Majid. A number of people even gathered outside the prison in order to visit with him. They said that Majid is their guest and they will make sure he is well taken care of. 

Is it true that you are considering moving to the city of Ahvaz in order to be closer to your son?

Yes. His father and I don't have the strength to travel such a long distance every week.  We are not so young any more and we can't afford to go by plane.  The 16 months that Majid has been in prison has broken our backs.  We looked forward every week to those weekly visitations and now they have even deprived us of that.  Our only recourse is to find a small place within our means in Ahvaz so that we can see Majid regularly. We can't abandon our child in a new city without any visitors.

Have you approached the prosecutor's office or other judiciary branches since Majid's exile to Behbahan? What do they say about his latest sentence?

We have repeatedly approached the prosecutor's office and other judiciary branches that we could think of both before and after Majid's exile to Behbahan prison.  The prosecutor himself had asked Majid to write a letter denouncing any connection with the  "Monafeghin"* and Majid wrote the letter in the prosecutor's presence.  We sent reference letters from everyone you can think of to the prosecutor stating that Majid did not belong to or have any connection with any group. Before sending Majid to exile, they took the letters from us, but it was to no avail. Now they won't even allow us to enter any of their offices. They say that the sentence has been issued and there is nothing they can do for us. Except for God, we have no one to cry to.  We don't know where to go to seek refuge against so much cruelty. They sent our child to exile and refuse to even listen to us...

Majid is amongst the prisoners who has not yet taken advantage of temporary leave from prison. What will become of his right to leave prison temporarily now that he has been exiled? What do his lawyers say regarding this matter?

Before sending him to exile, the prosecutor himself promised me that he would grant Majid temporary leave from prison.  Not only did they not grant him this right, but they sent him to exile without informing us. We sent three letters to the prosecutor requesting temporary leave of absence for Majid. All three times, they claimed the letters were lost.  How is it possible for three letters to go missing within our nation's judiciary? His lawyer was hopeful that given Majid's dire physical condition and the sub par prison conditions, now that he has been exiled to Behbahan, he would be granted temporary leave from prison in order to receive medical treatment. Unfortunately, thanks to Tehran's prosecutor a letter has been attached to Majid's case file stating that he is deprived of any leave from prison, personal visitation, or transfer.  I don't know whether the prosecutor's latest move is legal or not; I only know that they are trying to do everything in their power to abuse and harm my child.  Despite my son's dire physical condition, they have sent him to a place that is deprived of any medical facilities and they won't even allow him to leave prison, receive the treatment he needs, and come back. If this is not injustice, what is?

How have you and other family members held up since Majid's exile? How has his exile effected your lives?

Our lives took a dramatic turn from the day Majid was arrested.  We have not had a moments peace since.  We were always waiting for something bad to happen, or some sort of bad news.  Now that he has been sent to exile, we will never have any peace of mind.  We are not sure what to do. Upon hearing the news of his exile I was hospitalized for a few days.  In general, our family has fallen apart. Majid's brothers are trying to do anything they can to help him. His sister and I have been reduced to crying all day.  There is nothing we can do, but watch our child deteriorate... 

Your son is one of the many students deprived of a right to education, yet he has received one of the heaviest sentences. Why do you believe Majid, a starred**student was treated so harshly?

The only thing my son demanded was his right to an education. They first denied him of his right to an education and later suspended and banned him from university. When he tried to inform people of his plight, they arrested him.  Now they claim that the Council to Defend the Right to Education, which he was a member of, was formed as a result of orders by the "Monafeghin"* as though our children did not have enough intelligence to determine their own destiny. In my opinion this type of behavior towards Majid and other students was designed to silence other students from protesting against their illegal acts. 

In conclusion what would you like to say to the judicial authorities? What would you like to ask of them?

It has been 16 months since our innocent child was incarcerated.  We have been crying out loud for 16 months that our son has no connection with any group what so ever, but they refuse to listen.  Majid himself wrote several letters, denouncing any connection with any group, but it was to no avail.  They didn't even allow him to defend himself in court, claiming that his innocence had been proven to them and yet they have now exiled him to a far away prison.  I only ask that my child be freed.  I only want to see him again, to hear his voice and kiss his handsome face.

* Monafeghin is the term coined by the Islamic Republic of Iran to refer to the Mujahedin Khalgh (PMOI), a large exiled opposition group against the Iranian regime. Since Iran’s 2009 post-election uprising, numerous Iranian citizens detained illegally were issued the baseless charge of Moharebeh [waging war against God] which accuses them of links to groups in opposition to the Iranian regime; which in most cases the group made reference to is the PMOI. The Moharebeh charge can carry the sentence of execution or a long prison term.

** Starred Students: The system of issuing stars against students was developed by Iran’s Ministry of Advanced Education so students with disciplinary issues would get penalized. After a student collects a certain number of stars, he or she is banned from education. The system is primarily used against student activists.

مادر مجید دری:نمی دانیم از این همه ظلم به کجا پناه ببریم

 چهارشنبه, ۱۹ آبان, ۱۳۸۹
چکیده : پسرم هیچ چیز نمی خواست جز حق تحصیلش.اول از تحصیل محرومش کردند و بعد هم انکارش کردند.وقتی هم که خواست وجودش را به مردم اعلام کند،آزادی اش را گرفتند.حالا هم می گویند شورایی که برای دفاع از حق تحصیل تاسیس کرده اند به دستور منافقین بوده است .مگر بچه های ما عقل نداشته اند که یک گروه وطن فروش برای شان تکلیف معین کند؟

کلمه :مجید دری، دانشجوی محروم از تحصیل چند هفته ای است که به زندان بهبهان تبعید شده است .زندانی که از محل زندگی خانواده اش هزار کیلومتر فاصله دارد . مجید اکنون در میان زندانیان عادی و در شرایط بسیار نامناسب بهداشتی دوران حبس اش را می گذراند . اما این بار فقط مجید نیست که تنبیه می شود بلکه پدر و مادر رنجدیده او هم مجازات می شوند .حالا آنها هر هفته باید رنج طی هزار کیلومتر راه را به جان بخرند تا بتوانند چند دقیقه ای پسرشان را ببینند . همه این سختی ها موجب شده که خانواده مجید هم به تبعید خود خواسته بیندیشند و برای انکه نزدیک فرزندشان باشند به مهاجرت به بهبهان یا شهری نزدیک آن فکر کنند . مجید دری به شش سال حبس قطعی محکوم شده است.
گفتگوی خبرنگار کلمه را با مادر مجید دری می خوانید :

خانم دری از آخرین وضعیت مجید برای مان بگویید ؟

همانطور که خودتان هم می دانید مجید را پس از نزدیک به ۱۶ ماهی که در زندان اوین زندانی بود به زندان بهبهان فرستادند. در حالی که حتی یک روز هم مرخصی نداشته است .وضعیتش مسلما مساعد نیست.چون هم میگرن دارد و هم کم خونی.اخیرا هم فهمیدیم که دنده اش توی زندان شکسته و چون می خواسته ما نگران نشویم تاکنون حرفی نزده است .حالا هم به زندان دور افتاده ای تبعید شده که شرایطش اسفبار است .مجید همیشه روحیه اش را حفظ می کند و شکایتی نمی کند،اما شما تصور کنید چقدر شرایط بد است که بچه ام دائم می گوید اینجا شرایط فاجعه بار است.

در زندان بهبهان تاکنون بر او چه گذشته است ؟

البته تلفن آنجا خیلی محدود است و ما هنوز نتوانسته ایم به درستی از حال مجید جویا شویم.اما از رفتار خوب مسئولین زندان بهبهان راضی بود. در بدو ورود به زندان آب قطع بوده و فرزندم بعد از طی مسافت طولانی از تهران به بهبهان آن هم با دستبند و پابند نتوانسته حتی سر و صورتش را بشوید.ضمن اینکه همه کسانی که در آن زندان هستند مجرمین مواد مخدر و ارتباط نامشروع و یا قتل هستند .ما خیلی نگران سلامت مجید هستیم.چون در جایی نگهداری می شود که هیچ گونه تفکیک جرمی وجود ندارد.مصرف مواد مخدر در زندان بیداد میکند و هیچ تضمینی وجود ندارد که بلایی سر بچه ام نیاورند.گاهی حتی فکر می کنم مجید را به آنجا فرستاده اند تا بلایی سرش بیاورند و صدای آزادیخواهیش را ساکت کنند.

ایا زمانی که می خواستند مجید را تبعید کنند به شما خبر دادند و توانستید با فرزندتان ملاقات کنید؟

خیر.هیچ تماسی با ما گرفته نشد.حتی به او اجازه نداده بودند که پیش از حرکت به ما خبر دهد.نزدیک ده ساعت توی دادسرا سرگردانش کرده بودند و بعد هم مستقیم فرستاده بودندش بهبهان.وقتی مجید به زندان بهبهان رسید اجازه دادند تلفن بزند.یک تلفن کوتاه کرد و فقط گفت که من به بهبهان فرستاده شدم. فقط یک روز به روز ملاقاتش در زندان اوین مانده بود حتی نگذاشتند همان پانزده دقیقۀ از پشت شیشه هم فرزندم را ببینم بعد تبعیدش کنند .این عدالت است که پسرم را بی خبر و بی ملاقات ببرند به جایی که حتی من نتوانم ببینمش؟

این زندان به لحاظ شرایط بهداشتی و رفاهی چه شرایطی دارد ؟

شرایطش بسیار بد است.شما تصور کنید جایی که هفت-هشت ساعت در روز آب قطع باشد چه شرایط بهداشتی می تواند داشته باشد؟آب ندارند.بهداشتشان در حد صفر است. بچه ام حتی تختی ندارد که روی آن بخوابد. ۲۰۰-۳۰۰ نفرند و یک خط تلفن بیشتر ندارند.یک روز در میان آن هم دو سه دقیقه می تواند تلفن بزند.اما ما بیشتر نگران مسئله بهداشت هستیم و اینکه مواد مخدر در آن جا به صورت کاملا آزادانه مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد.

ملاقات در این زندان چگونه است شما با فاصله خیلی زیادی که با این شهر دارید قصد دارید هر چند وقت یک بار به ملاقات مجید بروید ؟

ملاقاتشان روز چهارشنبه است.وقتی مجید اوین بود ما یک روز تمام وقت می گذاشتیم تا برویم و ببینیمش.اما حالا که ۱۰۰۰ کیلومتر دور تر از ماست،حداقل سه روز وقت می برد که برویم و او را ببینیم.من و پدرش بچه مان اگر کوه قاف هم باشد می رویم تا پاره جگرمان را ببینیم.اما خواهر و برادرش چه؟!آنها نباید برادرشان را ببینند! آقایان با کاری که کردند ما را به زحمت بیشتری انداختند.اگر پسرم خطایی کرده که حتی مدرکی هم ندارند که خطایی کرده باشد،چرا ما را تنبیه و آواره کردند؟!با این شرایط امکان ندارد که ما بتوانیم هر هفته برویم و او را ببینیم.البته باید این را هم اضافه کنم که مردم این شهر برخورد خیلی خوبی با ما و مجید داشته اند.عده ای از مردم مقابل زندان بهبهان تجمع کرده بودند تا بتوانند با او دیدار کنند و می گفتند او میهمان ماست و مواظبش خواهیم بود.

شنیده ایم که حتی گفته اید ممکن است برای زندگی به شهر اهواز بروید تا نزدیک پسرتان باشید.آیا درست است ؟

بله.من و پدرش توان اینکه هر هفته این مسیر طولانی را طی کنیم نداریم.سن و سالی از ما گذشته است.از پس هزینه سنگین رفت و آمد با هواپیما هم بر نمی آییم.این ۱۶ ماه زندانی بودن مجید کمرمان راشکسته است. دلمان به دیدن هفته به هفته اش خوش بود که این را هم از ما گرفتند.تنها چاره مان این است که جای کوچکی مطابق با وسعمان تهیه کنیم که بتوانیم مجید را ببینیم.بچه مان را که نمی توانیم در آن شهر غریب بدون ملاقاتی رها کنیم .

این روزها که مجید تبعید است هیچ وقت به دادستانی تهران یا دیگر مراجع قضایی مراجعه کرده اید آنها درباره این حکم چه می گویند ؟

هم حالا و هم پیش از تبعید مجید، بارها به دفتر دادستان و هر مقام مسئول دیگری که به فکرمان می رسید مراجعه کردیم.خود دادستان از مجید خواسته بود که نامه برائت از منافقین بنویسد.مجید هم در حضور خود دادستان نامه نوشته بود . از هر مرجعی که بگویید نامه بردیم برایشان که مجید ارتباطی با هیچ گروهی نداشته است .پیش از تبعید مجید، نامه ها را از ما گرفتند،اما ترتیب اثری ندادند. حالا هم که ما را هیچ جا راه نمی دهند.می گویند حکم اجرا شده و کاری از دست ما ساخته نیست. غیر از خدا هیچ فریاد رسی نداریم.دیگر نمی دانیم از این همه ظلم به کجا پناه ببریم.فرزندمان را تبعید کرده اند و حتی حاضر نیستند حرفمان را بشنوند.

مجید از جمله زندانیانی است که تاکنون از مرخصی استفاده نکرده است حالا هم که تبعید شده است تکلیف مرخصی او چه می شود وکلایش در این باره چه می گویند ؟

قبل از اینکه مجید را تبعید کنند آقای دادستان به خود من قول دادند که با مرخصی مجید موافقت کنند.اما مرخصی که ندادند هیچ،بی خبر تبعیدش کردند .سه بار نامه درخواست مرخصی به دادستانی دادیم که هر سه بار گفتند نامه گمشده است .چطور ممکن است که در سیستم قضایی کشور،سه نامه مفقود شود؟وکیلش امیدوار بود که با تبعید او،بااستناد به شرایط جسمی وخیمش و اوضاع نابسامان زندان،بتوانیم مرخصی برایش بگیریم که درمانش کنیم.اما دادستان تهران لطف کرده اند و نامه ای ضمیمه پرونده کرده اند که امکان هر گونه مرخصی، ملاقات حضوری و یا جابجایی را سلب کرده است.من نمی دانم این کارشان قانونی هست یا نه،اما فقط می دانم که قصد کرده اند تا جایی که می توانند این بچه را اذیت کنند.با آن اوضاع جسمی اش او را فرستاده اند جایی که از کمترین امکانات محروم است و حتی اجازه نمی دهند چند روز برای مداوا بیرون بیاید و بعد دوباره بازگردد.این جز ظلم است ؟

شما وبه طور کلی خانواده مجید پس از تبعید او چه وضعیتی پیدا کرده اید .یعنی می خواهم بدانم تبعید مجید چه تاثیری بر زندگی شما گذاشته است ؟

از همان روزی که مجید دستگیر شد، زندگی ما از روال عادی خارج شده است .حتی یک لحظه آرامش نداشته ایم.هر لحظه منتظر اتفاق یا خبر بدی بودیم.حالا هم که تبعیدش کرده اند دیگر آرام و قرار نداریم.درمانده شده ایم که چه کنیم.خود من بعد از شنیدن خبر تبعیدش چند روز بستری بودم..پدرش پیر تر و شکسته تر شده است .به طور کل خانواده مان از هم پاشیده است .برادرانش در تلاشند تا اگر کاری از دستشان بر می آید انجام دهند.کار من و خواهرش هم که فقط اشک ریختن است. کاری نمی توانیم بکنیم جز اینکه آب شدن بچه مان را شاهد باشیم….

پسر شما یکی از دانشجویان محروم از تحصیل است که یکی از سنگین ترین حکم ها را دریافت کرده به نظر شما چرا با یک دانشجوی ستاره دار چنین برخورد های تندی می شود ؟

پسرم هیچ چیز نمی خواست جز حق تحصیلش.اول از تحصیل محرومش کردند و بعد هم انکارش کردند.وقتی هم که خواست وجودش را به مردم اعلام کند،آزادی اش را گرفتند.حالا هم می گویند شورایی که برای دفاع از حق تحصیل تاسیس کرده اند به دستور منافقین بوده است .مگر بچه های ما عقل نداشته اند که یک گروه وطن فروش برای شان تکلیف معین کند؟!به نظر من این برخوردی که با دانشجویان از جمله مجید صورت گرفته برای این است که بقیه دانشجویان را ساکت کنند تا به اقدامات غیر قانونی شان اعتراض نکنند .

در آخر چه صحبتی با مسئولان دارید؟خواسته تان از آنها چیست؟

الان ۱۶ ماهست که بچه ام را بدون هیچ گناهی به زندان انداخته اند.۱۶ ماه است که ما می گوییم ارتباطی با هیچ گروهی نداشته اما گوش نمی دهند.بارها خودش نامه نوشته و اعلام برائت کرده اما ترتیب اثر نداده اند.حتی در دادگاه نگداشتند از خودش دفاع کند به این بهانه که بیگناهی تو بر ما ثابت شده است اما حالا به یک زندان دور افتاده تبعیدش کرده اند .من فقط آزادی بچه ام را می خواهم..فقط می خواهم دوباره ببینمش صدایش را بشنوم و روی ماهش را ببوسم .

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