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A Number of Female Parliamentarians Demand that Zahra Rahnavard be Put on Trial

Sunday January 2nd 2011- In an interview with reporters, Tayebe Safai representative of Tehran, Rey, Shamiranat and Islamabad in parliament made references to Zahra Rahnavard's anti-revolutionary position in particular with regards to the ideals of the regime and the Islamic Revolution and said: "Rahnavard's statements are much like those of Maryam Rajavi. She seeks to escape isolation and has been marginalized by the Islamic society and in particular by women as a result of her anti regime stance. She only supports the Monafeghin*."

Safai added: "Given Zahra Rahnvard's insults towards the founder of the Islamic Revolution and the ideals for which he stood, the fraction of female parliamentarians demands that the Judiciary put Rahnavard on trial as one of the leaders of the sedition."

In response to the insulting remarks made by Rahnavard towards the government of the Islamic Republic and Imam Khomeni, the head of the Islamic Society Zeiynab S. said: "Zahra Rahnavard rejected the Islamic Revolution and Velayat-e-fagih** from the very start.  As a result of her non conformist views she is considered one of the leaders of the sedition."

In an interview with reporters Maryam Behroozi stated: "During the demonstrations of the 9th of Dey, the Iranian nation gave a decisive response to the leaders of the sedition and those diverging from the ideals of the Islamic revolution. The presence of people on the anniversary of the 9th of Dey demonstrates that the Islamic Republic will never be stained."

Behroozi added that the relationship between the leaders of the revolution and the people is a religious one and as such unbreakable. In response to Rahnavard's insulting statement towards Imam Khomeini Behroozi stated: "Rahnavard has always been one of the leaders of the sedition and has never believed in the Velayat-e-faqih from the very beginning. She has never supported this revolution and has always held divergent and anti revolutionary positions."

In relation to this subject, the Isargaran Central Committee member said: "Putting Zahra Rahnavard and the leaders of the sedition on trial because of their anti-regime position and association with terrorist groups is one of the most important desires of the people of our nation."

When speaking to reporters regarding Rahnavard's irreverent and anti revolutionary position against the regime of the Islamic Republic, Eshrat Shayegh said: "Our judicial laws clearly indicate the punishment for those who are scurrilous. The Judiciary must react strongly towards Rahnavard's statements."

Shayegh added: "Over the past year, the Judiciary has given the leaders of the sedition ample opportunities to make up for their anti revolutionary behavior. They have however not only failed to do so, but over time have revealed their numerous relationships with terrorist groups and those against the revolution.  The leaders of the sedition are competing against each other when it comes to their relationship with terrorist groups.  Rahnavard and the leaders of the sedition have explicitly disregarded all dignity and respect and taken irreverence to a level that cannot be tolerated."

Shayegh reiterated: "The women in our country despise and regret such statements by Rahnavard, who is taking steps towards moral degradation by following and raising issues raised by terrorist groups."

Shayegh asserted: "Putting Zahra Rahnavard on trial is the minimum requirement by Iranian women.  As such the when the time is right, the Judiciary will put the leaders of the sedition on trial and deal with them accordingly. "

In conclusion Shayegh emphasized: "Zahra Rahnavard is currently cooperating with Maryam Rajavi and other terrorist groups. This crime will undoubtedly be added to the many crimes she has committed."

*Monafeghin [hypocrites] is the term coined by the Islamic Republic of Iran to refer to the Mujahedin Khalgh (PMOI), a large exiled group in opposition to the Iranian regime. Since Iran’s 2009 post-election uprising, numerous Iranian citizens detained illegally were issued the baseless charge of Moharebeh [waging war against God] which accuses them of links to groups in opposition to the Iranian regime; which in most cases the group made reference to is the PMOI. The Moharebeh charge can carry the sentence of execution or a long prison term.

** Velayat-e-Faqih a book by the Iranian Shia Muslim cleric Ayatollah Khomeini, was first published in 1970, and is probably the most influential document written in modern times in support of theocratic rule. It argues that government should be run in accordance with traditional Islamic sharia, and for this to happen a leading Islamic jurist (faqih), must provide political "guardianship" (wilayat or velayat) over the people. A modified form of this doctrine was incorporated into the 1979 Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran following the Iranian Revolution, with the doctrine's author, Ayatollah Khomeini, as the first faqih "guardian" or Supreme Leader of Iran.

Source: SahamNews

Translator's Note: The accusations made by these female parliamentarians seem to be based on the latest audio interview Rahnavard gave to RASA.  Links to the audio interview in Farsi and the translation in English are provided bellow so you can decide for yourself if any of the claims by these parliamentarians are valid.

Audio Interview with RASA in Farsi:

Zahra Rahnavard "Our People Do Not Fear Oppression, They Have Bravely Embraced Incarceration"!/note.php?note_id=10150113242081071

نامه فراکسیون زنان مجلس برای محاکمه زهرارهنورد

طيبه صفايي نماينده تهران، ري، شميرانات و اسلامشهر در مجلس شوراي اسلامي در گفتگو با باشگاه خبرنگاران با اشاره به مواضع ضد انقلابي رهنورد در خصوص آرمان هاي نظام و انقلاب گفت:رهنورد با اظهارات خود مانند مريم رجوي عمل مي كند و سعي دارد خود را از انزوا بيرون آورد چرا كه وي به دليل مواضع ضد نظامش از سوي جامعه اسلامي به خصوص زنان مطرود شده است و فقط حمايت منافقين را دارد.

وي افزود:فراكسيون زنان در واكنش به توهين هاي رهنورد به بنيانگذار انقلاب اسلامي و آرمان هاي ايشان خواستار محاكمه وي ،از قوه قضاييه به عنوان يكي از سران فتنه مي باشد.

در ادامه نيز دبير كل جامعه اسلامي زينب (س) در واكنش به اظهارات توهين آميز رهنورد در خصوص نظام جمهوري اسلامي و امام خميني (ره) گفت: ‌رهنورد از ابتدا نيز انقلاب اسلامي و ولايت فقيه را قبول نداشته و همواره داراي مواضع انحرافي بوده لذا وي يكي از سران فتنه محسوب مي شود.

مريم بهروزي در گفتگو با باشگاه خبرنگاران افزود:ملت ايران در راهپيمايي ۹ دي پاسخ كوبنده اي به مواضع انحرافي سران فتنه در خصوص انقلاب اسلامي و آرمان هاي آن دادند و حضور مجدد مردم در سالگرد يوم اله نهم دي نشانگر خدشه ناپذير بودن نظام مقدس جمهوري اسلامي است.

وي با اشاره به اينكه رابطه ميان رهبران انقلاب و مردم رابطه اي مذهبي،انقلابي و گسست ناپذير است در واكنش به بيانيه توهين آميز رهنورد درباره امام راحل افزود:رهنورد خود از سران فتنه بوده و از ابتداي انقلاب اسلامي ولايت فقيه را قبول نداشته و هيچگاه پشتيبان انقلاب نبوده است و همواره مواضع انحرافي و غير انقلابي داشته است.

همچنين عضو شوراي مركزي جمعيت ايثارگران در همين ارتباط گفت: محاكمه زهرا رهنورد و سران فتنه به دليل ساختارشكني و همراهي با گروهك هاي تروريستي از مهمترين خواسته هاي مردم ايران است.

عشرت شايق در گفتگو با باشگاه خبرنگاران با اشاره به مواضع هتاكانه و ضد انقلابي زهرا رهنورد در خصوص نظام جمهوري اسلامي ايران گفت:‌در قوانين قضايي ميزان جرم هتاكان مشخص است و دستگاه قضايي بايد با سخنان اين چنيني رهنورد به شدت برخورد نمايد.

وي افزود:دستگاه قضايي در طول يك سال گذشته به سران فتنه مهلت زيادي داد تا رفتارهاي ضد انقلابي خود را جبران نمايند ولي آنها نه تنها متنبه نشدند بلكه با مرور زمان ارتباطات فراوان خود با گروه هاي تروريستي و ضد انقلابي را آشكار نمودند.
عضو شوراي مركزي جمعيت ايثارگران با بيان اينكه فتنه گران در حاضر به دنبال سبقت گرفتن از يكديگر در همراهي با گروهك هاي ضد انقلابي هستند افزود:سران فتنه و رهنورد در حال حاضر با صراحت و وقاحت حرمت شكني را به حد اعلا رسانده اند و هتاكي را از مرزهاي نظام خارج كرده اند.

شايق تاكيد كرد:جامعه زنان كشور با نفرت فراوان از اين گونه سخنان رهنورد متاسف است كه وي در مسير انحطاط گام برمي دارد و مطالبات گروهك تروريستي را مطرح و دنبال مي كند.

عضو شوراي مركزي جمعيت ايثارگران تصريح كرد:محاكمه زهرا رهنورد كف خواسته هاي جامعه زنان كشور است لذا در حال حاضر قوه قضاييه با اتخاذ تدبيري مناسب آنها را محاكمه خواهد كرد و با قدرت فراوان با آنها برخورد مي نمايد.
وي در پايان تاكيد كرد:زهرا رهنورد در حال حاضر با مريم رجوي و گروهك هاي تروريستي همراهي دارد و اين قضيه به جرم هاي فراوان وي مي افزايد

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